A special thank you is extended to Stan Smith of The MacSmith in

Scarborough, Maine, in the United States.  Without his ongoing support and the generous assistance of his computer expertise, this web site would never have materialized.

    The MacSmith specializes in one-to-one computer advice, computer

sales, educational classes,  and repair.  They focus primarily on Macintosh products and repair.  They are located at 134 Black Point Road in Scarborough, Maine, in the United States, and they can be contacted at 207-885-5654.  Their web site can be found at :



      A special thank you is also extended to Dan Gagner and Lucille Hussey for their assistance with many computer questions over the years!


       A sincere thanks goes out to Torrey at the Maine Mall Apple Store

in South Portland, Maine.  His patience and expertise were invaluable

in helping with the uploading of so many photos and the teaching

of many technical skills.  Thanks so much Torrey!