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Carron is the highest village in the Burren Mountains with some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland.  It is on the Burren Way and it is the starting point of the Carron Loop


Based at Clare’s Rock Hostel, the Burren Walking Information Centre is an eco-friendly facility, providing accommodation, information and maps on walks in the Carron and the Burren National Park area.  Information is available from 5 to 9 p.m. from May 1 to the end of September.

Walks vary in length from one to four hours to all-day walks and are on minor roads, green roads, and typical Burren terrain.  Most walks would be of moderate difficulty.

Guided walks are available daily.  Your own transport is essential as starting points may vary.

Carron Loop Trail

The Burren is a limestone plateau occupying an area of over 100 square miles in north Clare. It is an area of cenic attractions where stone-grey hills and the valleys beneath reveal many prehistoric remains. The unfolding layers of limestone form terraces on the slopes of the hills - and the place has been described as a limestone desert! The unspoilt village of Carron lies in the heart of the Burren at one of the highest points in the Burren Mountains and overlooks the largest turlough (disappearing lake) in Western Europe. This loop walk is part of the network of National Looped Walks and is marked using the standard purple National Looped Walk directional arrows.

Ballyvaughan Wood Loop

The Burren is a limestone plateau occupying an area of over 100 square miles in North Clare. It is an area of scenic attractions where stone-grey hills and the valleys beneath reveal many prehistoric remains. The unfolding layers of limestone form terraces on the slopes of the hills and the area has been described as a 'lunar' landscape. The first section of the loop follows part of the long-distance Burren Way, climbing up towards Aillwee Cave takes you along the side of Aillwee Mountain and back down to the seaside village Ballyvaughan. This loop is part of the network of national Looped Walks and is marked using the standard purple Looped Walk directional arrows.

Directions to Trailhead.

Start from the village of Ballyvaughan which is located on the R477 and is a one hour drive north of Ennis.  The trailhead is located in the village, at the car park on the coast road to Fanore.


A - B. Start from the trailhead directly opposite the entrance to the road which takes you past the primary school, which is also part of the Burren Way.  Follow the various purplearrows across a series of stone stiles and wooden sections to exit into a field which takes you on to a surfaced roadway where the loop turns left and leaves the Burren way, which turns right.

B - C. Follow the surfaced roadway for approximately 300m to reach the N67 - turn left, and almost immediately, turn right again onto a minor road.  Follow this road to its conclusion at a metal gate into a field. Cross the stile and follow the purple arrows across the fields, and through a path cut through a wooden area, and sandy roadways to exit close to the entrance to Aillwee Cave where you turn left.

C - D. Now follow the roadway for approximately 2km to reach a T-junction where you turn left.  Pass through a gateway and join a green road.  Follow this green road for approximately 300m to exit at a double gate.  Continue straight as the green roadway changes to a surfaced roadway and eventually reaches a T-junstion where you turn left to a minor surfaced road.

D - A.  After approximately 400m on this surfaced road you join the N67 Galway road where you turn left for the last trek back through the village of Ballyvaghan to the trailhead.

The source of the information which appears below was found

on the www.shannonregiontrails.ie   website.

Directions to Trailhead.

Starting from the town of Ennis, follow the N85 towards Lahinch and turn off onto the R476 for Corofin. Continue on the R476 for 7km before turning onto the R480 near Lemenagh Castle. After 1km turn right for Carron - the trailhead is located at Cassidy's Public House in the village.

A-B. With Cassidy's Pub at your back, turn right and follow the purple arrows downhill through the village of Carron. Pass the church and primary school and after 600m turn right onto a surfaced laneway following the signpost for Templecronin Church.

B-C. At a sharp left bend near the end of the laneway, the loop enters a field via a concrete stile - still following directions to Templecronin. After entering the field, the loop veers left. At this point you are quite close to the site of the church - if you visit it,remember to return to this junction.

C-D. After passing through a stone stile the loop joins a tractor trail and ascends onto the western shoulder of Termon. At the top of the ascent the loop joins the top (right) side of a stone wall which is a feature of this beautiful landscape.

D-E. Keeping a long straight stone wall on your left, the loop crosses a number of smaller stone walls to reach the top of the Clab Valley - and turns sharp right.

E-F. Now the loop follows the top edge of Clab Valley (on your left) and after crossing through some stone stiles descends to reach St Fachtnan's Holy Well.

F-G. From the well the loop travels parallel to a roadway to exit near the Carron Research Station.

G-A. The loop follows the tarred surface for approximately 200m before turning left onto an old laneway which takes you towards a 'turlough' (an area which floods annually in wintertime but disappears in summer). A short uphill trek takes you onto the main road within 100m of the trailhead.

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