Cassidy’s Pub

The Cassidy family has long family roots in the Burren and have owned and operated a pub and grocery business in Carron since before 1830. 1956 saw a move from the original neighboring premises to the present location, a former Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks.

On April 7 1920 the Irish Volunteers burned down the barracks, which was originally built by the British in the 1840’s. It lay in ruin until 1926 when it was restored as a Garda Barracks

The RIC and Gardai are gone now but the original lock up cell door still stands as a reminder of the days when all you would be served here was bread and water!!!

Of course this is the only barracks in Ireland where you can buy a pint !!!

Many visitors to Clare’s Rock Hostel enjoy a meal and a drink at Cassidys Pub and Restaurant.  It is located 100 yards down the road from the hostel.  A group from the hostel is pictured enjoying dinner in this photo.

Cassidys Pub
Croide na Boirne
Carron, Co. Clare, Ireland
Tel +353 65 708 9109
Fax +353 65 708 9232


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