-The Gyreum is utilizing a reed bed system as a filter for treating both its gray water and sewerage water.

-The Gyreum has a composting and wormery

-The Gyreum has an eco toilet

-The Gyreum utilizes geothermal heating

for water

The Gyreum has passive solar

-This fall there will be the building of  two wind turbines 10 meters high (blades will be 3.6 meters and 2 meters respectively).  This will provide non-reliance on the energy grid and hopefully surplus to return in to the grid.

-Solar - gathering radiators on south face

of roof with insulated glass panels.  Heating of water previous to its passing

through the geothermal heat pump

-The Gyreum has a recycling policy

in place

-The building is aerodynamically designed

-The building makes use of the wool

of sheep and recycled fiberglass insulation

reed bed filtering system

sheep wool was used for insulation

eco toilet

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