Environmental Interests
of Clare’s Rock Hostel

At Clare's rock hostel we have tried to minimize our effect on the environment through a number of measures.

Building is stone-faced with limestone rock from the site.

Recycling as much of the waste generated by guests as possible. All glass/metal/plastic containers are recycled.  Food waste is composted

Low energy light bulbs are used throughout..

Electricity supplied by Airtricity.

Water is conserved through our water saving taps and shower heads with automatic shut off and set premixed hot / cold.

We have our own well on site so no chemicals used in water..

All waste water and sewerage is treated in puraflo treatment plants.

Basins are used in the kitchen to conserve water.

Solar tubes were installed in October 2009 for host water.

It is hoped that oil usage will be cut down by 80%.

On our farm we farm under Rural Environmental Protection Scheme.

We are members of the local Burren Ecotourism group.

We are also trying out home made non-toxic cleaning products in the kitchen/dining area.

Clothes are dried outside weather permitting.

The owner/manager has in 2009 completed The Certificate in Ecotourism from Sligo IT as part of "Clare's Rock hostel's" involvement with the Burren connect project.


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Solar Panels have proven to be very effective for heating water at Clare’s Rock Hostel.