Environmentally-Friendly Features of Rowan Tree Hostel

The team at Rowan Tree is committed to a greener future. Here are some of the initiatives we are undertaking towards helping our environment:

  1. All staff are trained on green issues and encouraged to contribute towards making our hostel greener. They walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work.

  2. All plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and glass, batteries and gas cylinders are collected and recycled.

  3. We use recycled paper for all our printing needs and recycle ink and toner cartridges.

  4. We have installed motion-controlled lighting where suitable to reduce energy wastage.

  5. All showers and taps are fitted with push buttons to reduce water wastage.

  6. The hostel is powered by Energia who supply green electricity from a range of wind farms.

  7. We are calculating our carbon emissions and will be offsetting this.

  8. Solar panels are installed on the roof to reduce the amount of energy used to heat the water.

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