Feedback on “Unique Irish
Hostels” Web Site

    This web site was created to share some information about

some of the very unique hostels that exist throughout Ireland.  Photos and a description of the hostels are provided.  This web site was created simply as an informational site and it was never designed with the intention of providing reviews or opinions of the hostels.

    The creators of this web site strongly feel that a hostel is a type

of budget accommodation that is often an “untapped resource” in

the travel circuit.  Hostels are incredible places to meet people from all over the world.  They provide the facilities in which to affordably cook meals, relax, socialize, and explore the local area. They welcome individuals and families.  Visitors of all ages and backgrounds can be found at hostels.  They are facilities that encourage positive cultural exchange.  If you haven’t stayed at a hostel, you should seriously consider it. 

    A special thank you is extended to all the unique hostels which

welcomed the opportunity to be profiled and to share information

about their accommodation.

    This web site is still a work in progress.  There are still changes

that need to be made on various hostels.

     A lot of photos have been included on this web site.  The size of the photos has been reduced, but people with slow modem connections may unfortunately  find the downloading time to be a challenge.  It is hoped that a written publication on  “Unique Irish Hostels” will be available some time next year.

    Anyone wishing to offer comments or suggestions are encouraged

to contact  Mary Doyle or Katherine Doyle at:


    Best wishes are extended for some enjoyable hostel experiences!

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